Not only strategic decision-making should be supported with analyses. Another important element of management is making tactical decisions that determine a competitive advantage in a medium term.
The support of tactical decision-making should be maximally automated. This is due to a notorious lack of free time of supervisors and managing directors of departments of transportation, burdened with operational duties.

Achieving additional savings at the tactical level?

Often in the existing logistics network undiscovered resources lie dormant, but the effort and cost to find them is very high and complicated.

Optilo allows for the efficient conduct of strategic analyses on the distribution of warehouses and x-docks, and also on fleet selection, so that its structure can be the guarantor of cost-effective relationships and flows from the sender to the final recipient. vEN

‘What if…?’ simulations conducted with efficient costs allow for a phased implementation of improvements and reduction of the risk of making wrong decisions to the minimum.

Higher efficiency

Does trader when carrying out his/her duties care about your wallet? Does he/she determine a route by himself/herself, taking time for analyses, instead of focusing on primary tasks related with sales and orders

Better results

Is the trial and error method the best way to determine a regular route for a vehicle? Is it possible to get the best solution right after entering the data?

The lowest distribution costs

Are you sure that vehicles arrive to every delivery point from the nearest warehouse available? Certainty is your additional profit!

Route of sales representative

Determination of regular routes for traders, taking account of their place of residence, territorial division, preferred hours and cycle of visits.

Optimisation of distribution

Calculation of regular distribution routes for fixed restrictive conditions, allocation of vehicles to routes.

Designation of distribution areas

Minimising cost of transport from the distribution center to each customer, taking into account the distance and frequency of deliveries.