The paper industry (including paper and cardboard packaging) is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. This industry is characterized by a high technological progress, mainly driven by the increasing customers’ demands for innovative products. Manufacturers in the paper industry undergo a strong pressure to reduce costs.

A key element within this industry’s the supply chain management is to demonstrate the distribution efficiency at optimal transport cost.

TransporTransport efficiency as a key element in the supply chain.

The proposed solution is the result of cooperation with leading companies in this industry.

Optilo gives companies completely new possibilities to manage complex logistics processes. Besides the essential integration with measuring devices and systems, the most important key elements consist of the use of modern and sophisticated mechanisms for managing orders, planning, jobs for carriers, transport costs, returnable packaging material.


Increasing production capacity and reducing bottlenecks by integration with external systems: weight measuring devices and telematics.

Minimizing transport costs

Minimizing driving distances and hours, maximizing load capacity utilization. Best carrier selection while ensuring the highest levels of customer service and quality.

Efficient use of vehicles

Maximum utilization of the vehicle’s loading capacity, of course while respecting positioning and co-loading limitations and restrictions. Avoid ‘transporting air’.

Centralized planning

Combination of all production plants, storage and supply facilities in one coherent and efficient logistics network. Planning all deliveries (road, rail, sea) considering production line efficiency.

Quality control

Integration with measuring devices and tools to automate measuring, weighting, testing, laser surveys.

Full process automation

Efficient and effective of individual process elements: from raw material and finished product contract matters over delivery schedules to managing loading and unloading activities.

Communication module

Effective communication between company and drivers allows very precise job monitoring and order tracking.

Optilo auctions

Organizes and supports the rational selection of subcontractors and service providers – long term contracts as well as daily spot market auctions.

Optilo Yard Management System

YMS actively assists in the organization and execution of the yard management. It substantially minimizes manual activities to support these processes. Automation and standardization of yard activities by means of e.g. magnetic cards, document scans, SMS etc.

Optilo notifications

Portal, allowing external parties to book time slots for loading and unloading. The benefits are mutual: the operator can fit the slots into the roundtrips and the company is limited to supervision and establishing the slot allocation rules.

Optilo scheduling unloadings

Sets the unloading sequence for wagons and vehicles in order to ensure production line continuity while actively minimizing costs for unloading and storage.

Optilo supply planning

Auto-planning customer deliveries as well as the and inbound flows of raw materials. Selection of the most effective means of transport, execution follow-up and cost control. Key benefits include reduced transport costs, increased efficiency (automation), shorter handling time and better communication with customers, suppliers and subcontractors.