Furniture transport is one of the most challenging areas in freight forwarding. Specialist companies organize deliveries in such a way to avoid production downtimes and to deliver the finished products right on time in the stores or at the final customer. In some organizations, deliveries have to be made to private customers with limited availability for delivery (e.g. evenings or weekends). This requires excellent logistics planning and customer service management.

Planning the optimal productivity.

Optilo allows for efficient and flexible management of the entire process of receiving raw materials for furniture production, integration with manufacturing and warehouse systems and also for management of manufacturing process, both for stores and individual buyers. Planning, selection of means of transport and human resources, execution of orders, monitoring and control

Comprehensive service

Handling the entire supply chain, from raw materials procurement through integration with manufacturing systems to organizing support for wholesale and retail market.

Minimized logistics costs

Efficient delivery schedules reduce time and distance, optimize vehicle capacity utilization. Efficient carrier selection.

Full process automation

Efficient and effective of individual process elements: from raw material and finished product contract matters over delivery schedules to managing loading and unloading activities.

High quality customer service

Delivery of good can be based, if desired, on fixed schedules. Alerts in response to delays and deviations from the planning.

Efficient communication

Automated information exchange between all parties in the supply chain: customers, product suppliers, carriers.


Increasing efficiency and reducing bottlenecks through integration with external clients’ and subcontractors’ systemsand telematics.

Optilo delivery planning

This module assists in making the right decisions within the shortest possible timeframe: automatic customer delivery scheduling, cost control and optimization of transport assets. Key benefits include lower transport costs, increased productivity, shorter execution time and improved communication with customers and drivers.

Settlement of deliveries

Instant information on costs related to the job execution. Cost settlement in relation to own fleet and provided carrier services. Costs are both at estimate and actual level.

Events module

Planning tasks, monitoring their lifecycle, automated execution supervision and anomaly alerts. Informing, preventing, alerting and escalating.

Communication module

Efficient communication between operations and the driver waiting for docking using SMS or an array of lights.

Optilo Yard Management System

YMS actively assists the organization and execution of the yard management. It substantially minimizes manual activities to support these processes. Automation and standardization of yard activities by means of e.g. magnetic cards, document scans, SMS etc.

Designation of distribution areas

Minimizing the transport cost from the distribution center to each customer, taking into account the distances and also the frequency of the deliveries.