Thanks to modern technology, exchange of information between participants of logistics processes is simple and effective. Costly and time-consuming forms of mail and phone communication are used increasingly rarely. Development of GSM helped mobile phones to become portable computers with a wide range of possibilities. The development of telecommunications infrastructure caused widespread and affordable access to data.

Customer’s benefits – your benefits.

Often in the existing logistics network undiscovered resources lie dormant, but the effort and cost to find them is very high and complicated.

Optilo allows for the efficient conduct of strategic analyses on the distribution of warehouses and x-docks, and also on fleet selection, so that its structure can be the guarantor of cost-effective relationships and flows from the sender to the final recipient.

‘What if…?’ simulations conducted with efficient costs allow for a phased implementation of improvements and reduction of the risk of making wrong decisions to the minimum.


App can be terminated only when the driver turns of his/her phone.


App can be terminated only when the driver turns of his/her phone.


Automated and standardized communication between the system and driver’s phone.

Efficient cooperation

Excellent way of communicating with subcontractors. Time savings of people responsible for transmission of orders and timeliness of their status in the system

Minimised transport costs

Reduction of time required for transmission of orders to carriers. Automatic information about delivery status available in the system also helps to save time needed to obtain this information.


Increased efficiency through integration with driver’s devices.

Customer portal

Possibility of real-time monitoring and control of order status.

Optilo operational

Use of optimisation modules allows for efficient arrangement of sequence of deliveries, as well as selection of vehicles and drivers which also affects transport costs.

Track & trace

Tracking allows for checking status of an order at any moment. In addition, integration with a map and GPS raises level of the service.


Integration with transport module allows for comprehensive management of all activities in single operating system. App available to all authorized participants of a supply chain.

Communication module

Effective communication between company and driver, using GPS and devices such as smartphone and tablet.


Integration with map allows for a detailed visualization of each route.