Optilo is a comprehensive IT tool that provides support for all logistics processes in a company. Effectively displaces standard apps used in operational, tactical and strategic logistics. Optilo combines all these elements. Single logistics system managing all logistics aspects: from long-term strategic plans, through tactics of daily operations.
One of the many of its advantages is comprehensiveness and flexibility that allows for fitting to needs of any organisation. By combining together several modules Optilo ensures smooth cooperation between all participants of a supply chain.

Any company, any industry, various logistical problems – single platform: OPTILO

Different processes require different methods of implementation and optimisation. Actual possibilities of the app depend only on a user. The customer determines the scope of system usage, selects required modules, authorises partners and shapes whole process according to his/her needs.
Another important advantage of the product is the way of its purchase. In addition to the traditional forms of purchasing a license, the system is available in a SaaS model with a range of benefits: low total cost of acquisition, installation, maintenance (plus possibility to quit at any time at no additional cost) and low monthly fee, depending on the actual use of the system. Moreover, there is no need to invest IT infrastructure and service support, fast start-up and deployment, and high security.


System ready to handle the entire supply chain and all its participants. A dedicated set of features for each process and its user.

Minimised logistics costs

From setting strategies, through tactical plans for ongoing operational activities related with implementation of deliveries. Reducing costs, while preserving all restrictions and caring about high quality of service is the main task of the system.


Highly configurable modular system adapted to individual needs.


Access from anywhere in the world using a web browser.


Data encryption, user identification, multi-level permission system and full monitoring of records.


Increased efficiency and reduced number of bottlenecks through integration with external clients’ and subcontractors’ systems, maps, freight exchanges and telematics.

Optilo Strategic

Optilo allows for efficient conduct of strategic analyses on distribution of warehouses and x-docks, and also on fleet selection, so that its structure can be the guarantor of cost-effective relationships and flows from sender to final recipient.
‘What if…?’ simulations conducted with efficient costs allow for a phased implementation of improvements and reduction of the risk of making wrong decisions to the minimum.

Optilo Tactical

Optilo solution for tactical level management include: determining routes for sales representatives, determining permanent distribution routes and areas for multi-terminal distribution networks.

Optilo Operational

Optilo helps to support operational decisions such as: route planning, vehicle selection, arrangement of goods within vehicle’s cargo area. The whole process can be fully automated, which saves administrative time, reduces the human error factor and provides a solid foundation for improving indicators of customer service and timeliness of deliveries.