Dynamics of global markets, development of modern technologies and recent events in the world makes security something very important for a growing number of companies. Providers of security services must constantly strive to reduce costs and maximise resource utilisation while ensuring the highest level of services.

Efficiency and reliability as a key to competitive advantage.

The main task of Optilo, in this regard, is to minimise transport costs by determining the best routes for shipping orders, under assumed boundary conditions. The system supports order planning. Arranges orders into routes, selects vehicle types for each run, sets the implementation sequence. Each route has a designated start and end of a run, scheduled travel time and mileage between two points. Allocation of human resources for specific tasks, real-time monitoring and control, reporting. All in one system – Optilo.



Optimal allocation of resources and optimisation of schedules in order to reduce operating costs.

High quality customer service

Visiting a customer in accordance with a fixed schedule. Consecrating the appropriate amount of time for each visit.

Minimised travel costs

Efficient route plans, reduction of shipping time and distance, selection of appropriate human resources to provide the services.

Monitoring and control

Through integration with GPS devices, user receives access to complete information about a route of vehicle and deviation from a fixed schedule, including stops and time of visit.


Possibility to modify routes at any time, depending on needs and priorities.

Safety and reliability

Raising the level of customer service through accurate and timely allocation of resources.

Optilo route planning

Helping to make the right decisions in the shortest time possible:
auto-scheduling visits, selecting human resources to carry out specific service.
Key benefits include lower transport costs, increased productivity, shorter execution time, and improved communication with customers and subcontractors.

Designation of service areas

Minimising the cost of travel from the point of departure to each customer, taking into account distance to travel and frequency of visits.

On-map visualisation

Integration with map allows for graphical presentation of route plans, additional integration with GPS devices allows for ongoing monitoring of routes and immediate alerts when driving a different route than planned.

Route settlement

Costs of routes estimated already at the planning stage, verified using actual expenditure after finished shipping. Complete information on total logistics costs associated with serving each customer.

Visit schedule

Sets the order and timing of visits to each customer in order to ensure a high level of service, while minimising distance and driving time.

Communication module

Real-time communication with driver / service provider.