Some essential factors must be taken into account in a supply chain for this industry: a high share of transport costs, seasonality of the products, peak periods and downtimes, scattered points of loading and unloading, requirements for a specialized fleet, time pressure.

The logistics processes in these supply chains comprise of e.g. delivery planning, inbound planning of raw material, road, rail, air and sea shipping.

Logistics as a source of competitive advantage.

Optilo is a flexible and modular system that allows for comprehensive management, planning and optimization of operations in complex agricultural supply chains. The system coordinates processes across the supply chain starting with activities linked to the purchase of raw material, over integration with production and warehouse systems up to the organization of deliveries, collections and serving specific customers and suppliers.

Quality control for inbound raw material

Integration with measuring devices automates the tasks of measuring, weighing, moisture testing etc.

Minimized logistics costs

Efficient delivery and reception schedules reduce time and distance. Optimized transport mode and carrier selection.

Full process automation

Efficient and effective of individual process elements: from raw material and finished product contract matters over delivery schedules to managing loading and unloading activities.

Centralized planning

An integrated planning system that minimizes bottlenecks.

Efficient loading and unloading

Workload reduction and an efficiency increase throughout the whole process: from initial registration to the moment the vehicle leaves the company premises.


Integration of logistics with production, customers’ and suppliers’ systems and logistics service providers.

Optilo delivery planning

Automatically plans deliveries to customers and collection of inbound raw materials from suppliers. This module assists in making the right decisions: selecting the most effective means of transport, cost control and optimization of transport assets. Key benefits include lower transport costs, increased productivity and fully automated administrative processes.

Carrier portal

Automated communication with transport service providers. From carrier selection to freight bill settlement, resulting in serious time and effort reduction e.g. for invoice checking and settlement.

Optilo notifications

Portal, allowing external parties to book time slots for loading and unloading. The benefits are mutual: the operator can fit the slots into the roundtrips and the company only has to limit itself to supervision and establishing the slot allocation rules.

Optilo Yard Management System

YMS actively assists in the organization and execution of the yard management. It substantially minimizes manual activities to support these processes. Complete automation and standardization of the required actions.

Strategic planning of distribution areas

Simple organizational changes can create large operational savings, often without any investment required.

Optilo TMS

Full functionality for road, air, sea, rail and intermodal transport.