Large area of deliveries, many routes and variety of means of transport, strict legal regulations, customs, management of human resources, cooperation with multiple carriers, selection of appropriate means of transport makes a shipping company operating under a lot of pressure. Company has to find the most effective way for secure and timely delivery of goods to a final purchaser, while providing an attractive offer for customer and reducing own expenses.

Simply and efficiently - costs under control.

Optilo is a unique tool that combines functionality of all the mechanisms necessary for efficient management of transport and forwarding activities. Tendering, dynamic planning with lots of variables, accurate settlement of own and leased fleet, selection of sub-contractors to execute orders, automated modules for communication with customers and subcontractors, free flow of information between systems of all participants in a supply chain.


Overall management of road, sea, rail and air logistics processes in single modular system.

Efficient cooperation

Excellent way of communicating with subcontractors. Time savings of people responsible for planning and transmission of orders, and searching for carriers.

Automation of processes

Automated and standardised management of all tasks related to transmission and assigning statuses of orders, and mutual communication.

Minimised transport costs

Generating optimal transport plans while meeting requirements of economics of deliveries, reducing costs, compliance with rules and high quality deliveries.

Monitoring and control

Immediate response to daily disruptions, such as vehicle breakdowns, delays, unplanned stoppages. Information for a client about deviations from a plan.


Increasing efficiency through integration with clients’ and subcontractors’ systems, and also with map, telematics and transport exchanges.

Strategic solutions

Creation of logistics network structure and efficient matching of customer service to existing distribution network.

Optilo TMS

Full functionality for handling processes of road, sea, rail and air transport. Modules for route optimisation, selection of subcontractors and means of transport. Complete recording and settlement of costs. Integration with maps and transport exchanges.

Carrier portal

Automation and standardisation of activities related to transferring orders to carriers, and the whole process of communication and settlement of transport services.

Customer portal

Instant electronic transmission of orders by customers. Complete information about statuses of orders. Powerful search and sort keys.

Track & trace

Ongoing tracking of shipments allows for monitoring and immediate response to delays and irregularities.

Communication module

Effective communication between company and driver, using GPS and devices such as smartphone and tablet.