Efficient logistics system affects the performance of a company and its position on the market. In times of great competition and rising prices, cost reduction in logistics is one of the key elements for achieving competitive advantage. Logistics has an impact not only on company’s economy but also on level of customer service.

Efficiency, flexibility and effectiveness – guarantee global improvement of logistics indicators.

We assist our clients in finding optimal solutions for comprehensive or partial supply chain processes. Our goal is to identify bottlenecks, minimize logistics costs, increase efficiency of operations and increase the level of customer service.

Research expertise, knowledge of innovative market solutions and practical experience of our consultants ensures the development and implementation of efficient solutions for our clients.

Our suport includes
Designation of MC’s location

Designation of location that will ensure the lowest distribution cost for assumed constraints, ports, recipients, volumes and costs.

Designation of distribution areas

Minimising cost of transport from the distribution center to each customer, taking into account the distance and frequency of deliveries.


Functionality to support strategic decisions on the selection of companies with whom we want to work in the long term, on implementation of permanent contracts (sea, air, rail or road).

Fleet structure

Designation of amount, ownership structure and type of resources necessary to carry out transport tasks in a given area.

Verification of price lists

Reduction of time connected with verification and comparison of multi-criteria quotations for the provision of transport services. Operational guarantee of selecting the best price offer for given relationships.

Analysis of transport costs

Analysis, which aim is to present areas of your business in which optimisations can bring the biggest and fastest results.