Many drivers lose too much time on the route because of bad planning, and spend more time in the car than with client. Underdeveloped schedule of visits as well as ill-assorted human and transport resources are the basic problems of people operating the work of sales representatives or coordinating execution of home delivery service.

Is it possible to plan a route based on the needs of the market - the customer?

Optilo allows for auto-planning routes, which will start at various locations, for graphical visualization on map and for calculation of costs already at the planning stage. Complete information about time of driving and dealing with a  client, and about costs allows for efficient analysis of both current and historical data in order to achieve the highest level of customer service, while reducing logistics costs.


Optimal allocation of resources allows for creation of feasible plans and schedules of visits.

Minimised travel costs

Efficient plans of visits, reducing shipping time and distance, selection of appropriate human resources to provide the services.

Monitoring and control

Complete information about route and deviations from fixed plan, including stops and time of visits.


Possibility to modify routes at any time, depending on needs and priorities.Possibility to modify routes at any time, depending on needs and priorities.


Increased efficiency and reduced “empty runs” through integration with telematics.

Optilo route planning

Helping to make the right decisions in the shortest time possible:
auto-scheduling visits, selecting human resources to carry out additional service (in case of home delivery services).
Key benefits include lower transport costs, increased productivity, shorter execution time, and improved communication with customers and subcontractors.

Designation of service areas

Minimising the cost of travel from the point of departure to each customer, taking into account the distance to travel.

On-map visualisation

Integration with map allows for graphical presentation of route plans, additional integration with GPS devices allows for ongoing monitoring of routes and immediate alerts when driving a different route than planned.

Route settlement

Costs of routes estimated already at the planning stage, verified using actual expenditure after finished shipping. Complete information on total logistics costs associated with serving each customer.

Visit schedule

Sets the order and timing of visits to individual customers in order to ensure a high level of service, while minimizing distance and time driving.

Communication module

Real-time communication with driver / customer service provider.