The high share of transport costs in the chemical industry is often a barrier. Costs vary according the type of transport, distance, timeframe and volume/weight of the transported goods. The latter e.g. can have a major impact on the choice between road and rail.

Safety, procedures, ecology and low logistics costs – it is possible!

Very often, existing logistics networks hide dormant and under-utilized resources. The cost and effort to discover them is very high and the process is complicated.


Optilo enables efficient strategic analysis of warehouses, cross-docks and fleets in the distribution network. The goal is, of course, a more cost-effective distribution structure and goods flows between shipper and final consignee.


‘What if…?’ simulations, carried out with cost efficiency in mind, allow for phased implementation of improvements. This considerably reduces the risk of wrong decisions.


Integration of logistics with production, customers’ systems and logistics operators’ systems.


Full support of all transport modes in one system: road, rail, sea, air and intermodal.

Monitoring and control

Full logistics control from raw materials reception till delivery of the final product. Immediate reaction to delays and deviations from the planning.

Full process automation

Efficient and effective management of individual process elements: from raw material and finished product contract matters over delivery schedules to managing loading and unloading activities.

Minimised logistics costs

Efficient delivery schedules reduce time and distance, optimize vehicle utilization. Efficient carrier selection.

Lowest possible purchase price for logistics services

Optilo is a flexible and modular system that supports comprehensive management, planning and optimization of operations in complex logistics processes. The system is ready to handle the entire supply chain, from procurement of raw materials through the integration with production systems to the organization of the final deliveries. Dynamic planning with multiple variables, accurate selection of logistics subcontractors focusing on cost reduction while maintaining the highest security and quality levels.

Optilo TMS

Full functionality for road, air, sea, rail and intermodal transport.


Support for tendering processes – comparing offers from multiple services providers over large samples of shipments. Very precise calculations of often complex rates offering insight in the best bidders on a very detailed level (shipment types, geographical areas, quantities etc.). The modules handles sea, air, rail, road, intermodal as well as all supporting services (handling, documents, insurance).

Simulations of contract values

Analysis of e.g. historical volumes based on different price lists and suppliers. Preparing strategic decisions for selecting operators and allocating tasks to them.

Optilo notifications

Portal, allowing external parties to book time slots for loading and unloading. The benefits are mutual: the operator can fit the slots into the roundtrips and the company only has to limit itself to supervision and establishing the slot allocation rules.

Portal for carriers

Automated communication with transport and logistics service providers, starting at the carrier selection phase until the final freight settlement, reducing e.g. the time needed for invoice checking.

Optilo supply planning

Auto-planning customer deliveries as well as the and inbound flows of raw materials. Selection of the most effective means of transport, execution follow-up and cost control. Key benefits include reduced transport costs, increased efficiency (automation) and customer service levels.