The automotive industry is a very demanding market place. It is characterized by a high degree of complexity and putting very high demands on the quality of services. Particular and relatively expensive commodities are handled by logistics service providers to supply factories (supply in sequence), aftermarket parts wholesales etc. in the most efficient way. To optimize these supply chains a close cooperation between service providers and all involved parties is an absolute requirement.

Handling complex processes in a timely way, ensuring the highest quality is your strength.

Optilo is a flexible and modular system designed to support comprehensive management, planning and optimization of operations in complex logistics environments. Dynamic planning taking into account lots of variables, precise selection of logistics service providers at the best possible cost and ensuring highest quality. Additionally, the system provides efficient communication with logistics operators and monitors all deadlines – as such avoiding very costly production downtime.

Responding to problems

Instant information on system events that have occurred or should have occurred. Escalation to appropriate management levels while proposing actions to take to eliminate the problem.

Comprehensive service

Supporting the entire supply chain, from raw materials procurement through integration with manufacturing systems to organizing distribution and aftermarket services.

Full process automation

Efficient and effective of individual process elements: from raw material and finished product contract matters over delivery schedules to managing loading and unloading activities.

Minimized logistics costs

Efficient delivery schedules reduce time and distance, maximize the vehicle capacity utilization. Optimized carrier selection.

High quality customer service

Delivery of good can be based, if desired, on fixed schedules. Alerts in response to delays and deviations from the planning.

Efficient communication

Automated information exchange between all parties in the supply chain: customers, product suppliers, carriers

Optilo delivery planning

This module assists in making the right decisions within the shortest possible timeframe: automatic customer delivery scheduling, cost control and optimization of transport assets. Key benefits include lower transport costs, increased productivity, shorter execution time and improved communication with customers and drivers.

Events module

Planning tasks, monitoring their lifecycle, automated execution supervision and anomaly alerts. Informing, preventing, alerting and escalating.

Optilo notifications

Portal, allowing external parties to book time slots for loading and unloading. The benefits are mutual: the operator can fit the slots into the roundtrips and the company is limited to supervision and establishing the slot allocation rules.

Optilo gate

Tool supporting the tasks at the gatehouse, identifying arrivals and departures. It relieves the staff of time-consuming administrative work such as detailed manual registration and issuing documents.


Drivers can, independently upon arrival (loading / unloading) confirm the arrival and select the corresponding time slot. This function reduces waiting queues and boosts the efficiency of e.g. the warehouse operations based on arrival information and vehicle readiness.

Communication module

Efficient communication between operations and the driver waiting for docking using SMS or an array of lights.