Watching the development of markets, one cannot but observe the growth of goods flows. Customers are increasingly demanding door-to-door deliveries and services. Production is more and more specialized and the multitude of small and medium sized companies raises the demand for groupage shipments. Moreover, customer demands keep on growing, e.g.: transport availability, specific on-time delivery, high quality goods handling, additional services, price etc. Serious challenges for the logistics service providers. The must act fast and efficient, must be open for data exchange, must comply with all kinds of administrative restrictions and obligations, deliver high quality services and on top of that must be very cost efficient.

Intelligent planning cuts costs.

Optilo is a flexible and modular system supporting management, planning and operations optimization within even the most complex supply chains. Functions include, amongst others: tendering, dynamic planning based on multiple variables, optimal subcontractor or carrier selection, freight settlement, automated communications and information sharing with systems from customers, subcontractors and all other parties in the supply chain. The application design allows for its deployment both on strategic and operational level.

Optilo empowers your logistics organization and services using:
Full automation

Efficient and effective handling of all aspects such as order management, planning, resource selection and management, freight and services settlement.

Preselection and complexity

Selection of appropriate means of transport and service providers. Complex price / performance evaluations to assure the best adapted performance level.

Integrated planning

Enables essential operations such as optimized transport planning, load planning. Complex situations with multiple terminals and warehouses supported.

Monitoring and control

Optilo informs the user real time about any deviation from the plan. Immediate response to any possible disruption or incident such as delays, unplanned stops etc. Optilo looks at the future and acts before it happens!

Minimised transport costs

Optilo generates optimal transport plans, within all imposed restrictions and rules, in order to combine maximum economies with the highest customer services levels.


Boosting efficiency through integration with customers’ and subcontractors’ systems, maps, telematics, freight exchanges.

Strategic solutions

Create an optimized logistics network and effectively match required customer service levels to existing distribution networks.

Operational solutions

Complete process auto-management. From order entry and acceptance over resource planning to full execution and freight settlement. Automated communication with carriers, customers and all other supply chain parties. Connection with pda’s, scanners, GPS and other devices.


Automatic generation of multi-criteria freight offers. Quick offer creation based on fixed cooperation terms or contracts. Templates for offers.

Customer portal

Instant electronic customer order transmission. Complete order status notification and alerts. Versatile search engine and sort keys.

Carrier portal

Automated and standardized order transfer to carriers. Status updates. Automated self-billing process for transport and associated services.

EDI module

Reducing time consuming and expensive manual exchange of documents, files and messages. Electronic data exchange improves the information availability, quality and completeness. It substantially reduces cost throughout the supply chain and becomes more and more a condition to participate in or deliver services to that supply chain.