Logistics in the building industry is characterized by the specific nature of this industry. The continuity of the construction work needs to be ensured to avoid costly downtime and on the other hand costs related to logistics need to be minimized as much as possible. When both goals are misaligned the resulting problems can generate substantial additional costs: reordering, downtimes, delays, ad-hoc replenishments.

Planning, organizing, monitoring and controlling in a single logistics system.

Optilo, with its module for dynamic planning and delivery scheduling, enables an efficient planning and execution of all transport tasks. Flexible planning and spot on selection of subcontractors ensure high quality delivery services at the best possible cost. Additionally, Optilo provides advanced communication with all parties in the supply chain, watches over the deadlines and determines the delivery points with great accuracy – a most important element when delivering to construction sites which often do not (yet) have a full address.

Minimized delivery costs

Efficient delivery schedules, reducing time and distance and maximizing vehicle capacity utilization, optimized carrier selection.

Designation of distribution areas

Minimizing the transport cost from the distribution center to each customer, taking into account the distances and also the frequency of the deliveries.

Full process automation

Efficient and effective of individual process elements: from raw material and finished product contract matters over delivery schedules to managing loading and unloading activities.

High quality customer service

Goods delivery on the basis of a fixed schedule if desired. Notifications about delays and deviations from the plan.

Efficient communication

Automatic information exchange between all parties in the supply chain: customers, product and service providers, carriers.


Integration with multiple systems: suppliers, operators, warehouse systems, onboard systems etc.

Optilo delivery planning

This module assists in making the right decisions within the shortest possible timeframe: automatic customer delivery scheduling, cost control and optimization of transport assets. Key benefits include lower transport costs, increased productivity, shorter execution time and improved communication with customers and drivers.

Carrier portal

Automated communication with transport service providers. From carrier selection to freight bill settlement, resulting in serious time and effort reduction e.g. for invoice checking and settlement.

Fleet structure

Optilo determines the number, type and ‘ownership’ of the assets needed to carry out the transport tasks in a given area and timeframe.

Communication module

Effective communication between company and drivers allows very precise job monitoring and order tracking.

Price lists

Reduction of the time needed to verify and compare multi criteria quotations for transport services. Optilo will guarantee the selection of the best offer in any situation.

Strategic planning of distribution areas

Simple organizational changes can create large operational savings, often without any investment required. Assigning a location as to ensure the lowest distribution costs within a large number of limiting conditions.