Daily planning no longer has to be time-consuming and stressful. Now, with the Optilo and idea of OneClickLogistics, this process can become enjoyable. Planning all shipments, considering limiting conditions can be carried out simply, fast and with the guarantee of the lowest cost.

Savings at the operational level? It's possible!

Optio helps to support operational decisions such as: route planning, vehicle selection, arrangement of goods within vehicle’s cargo area, transmitting the sequence of loading to the WMS. The whole process can be fully automated, which saves administrative time, reduces the human error factor and provides a solid foundation for improving indicators of customer service and timeliness of deliveries.

Correct, operational transport planning ensures the lowest costs of distribution. Lower distribution costs mean profit for the company!

Daily route planning can be enjoyable!

Optilo management solution at the operational level:
Single warehouse

Daily planning of route for distribution vehicles causes many problems, sleeples nights and nervous atmosphere at work?

Multiple warehouses

Goods, finished products in many warehouses – how to plan their distribution? Of course the cheapest way – we have the solution!

Maximum ulilisation of cargo space?

You do not know how well you use cargo space? Drivers complain about ill-prepared vehicle for distribution?

The cheapest carrier

A few or a few hundred carriers – how many price list is your analyst, planner able to analyse in time? No matter what the number is, we always select the best solution!

Appropriate vehicle/driver

Hundreds of vehicles at your disposal, many carriers. Which one to choose for the specific transport?


Possibility of conducting optimisation of various scenarios (eg. routes  with or without time windows).
Simplicity of modification and re-optimisation of already planned route.

Optimisation – single warehouse mode

Daily and multiday delivery planning by: consolidating orders, managing drivers, fleet and transport service providers,  monitoring transport events.

Optimisation – multiple warehouses mode

Delivery planning for developed, multiwarehouse, x-dock logistics infrastructure, with lots of variables and constraints.

Arrangement of goods within cargo space

The best use of cargo space for planned route.

Optilo – Carrier

Effective division of orders for execution by an own fleet, subcontractors’, courier companies’, taking into account economy of deliveries.

Optilo – Rolling stock

The allocation of an appropriate vehicle for a specific task, taking into account all constraints. Guarantee of efficient selection and use of appropriate resources.

Map visualisation

Detailed data on each route, graphically depicted on map.