We live in an era in which it is the client who sets the standards of service. In times of information society not only customers’ awareness is increased, but also requirements regarding not only product availability, but also the whole communication process from the moment of placing an order until delivery. Contemporary consumers expect not only attractive prices but also time saving. With these advantages comes possibility to place an order quickly and also a logistics aspect, which goal is to provide customer with ordered goods in the shortest time possible. Recipient, via a web browser, can not only see the product, but also all its way to a destination.

The way to improve communication and reduce operating costs.

Often in the existing logistics network undiscovered resources lie dormant, but the effort and cost to find them is very high and complicated.

Optilo allows for the efficient conduct of strategic analyses on the distribution of warehouses and x-docks, and also on fleet selection, so that its structure can be the guarantor of cost-effective relationships and flows from the sender to the final recipient. vEN

‘What if…?’ simulations conducted with efficient costs allow for a phased implementation of improvements and reduction of the risk of making wrong decisions to the minimum.


Access from anywhere in the world using a web browser.

Efficient cooperation

Excellent way of communicating with subcontractors. Reduction of time required for traditional methods of communication, such as mail or phone.


Data encryption, user identification, multi-level permission system and full monitoring of records.


Complete information on statuses of all shipments, on invoices and settlements in a single system.

Real-time monitoring

Real-time information on the status of a shipment.


Increasing efficiency through integration with external systems.

Optilo Webbooking

Platform developed for safe and reliable exchange of data between client and logistics operator. Reduces time and number of errors related with transfer, valuation and tracking of transport orders.

Track & trace

Tracking allows for checking status of an order at any moment. In addition, integration with a map and GPS raises level of the service.


Integration with any map provider.


Templates, various formats of waybills. Support of returnable packaging and information on payment statuses.


Flexible and multidimensional reports for both clients and logistics operators. Statistics of orders, qualitative statistics and KPI.

Administration module

Possibility to define users. Managing passwords and permissions.