One of the problems at the dispatcher-carrier junction is a problem of communication, which covers topics related to providing carriers with information about planned transport, setting conditions and prices of services, choice of a particular shipping company, as well as the entire process of settlement and verification of invoices for services. Considering the fact that a large number of different types of transport can be implemented in one day, this element becomes extremely important in the overall logistics process.

Efficient circulation and exchange of information - efficiency above all else.

The Extranet module is a convenient component of the overall system that allows contractors for cooperation with subcontractors. Cooperation implemented in a way that is maximally automated and individualized per contractor. The basic features implemented by the module include: management of resources and notifications, transfer and settlement of orders, transport documentation, order statuses. Management of all operations in a single module.


Legibility of settlements, real-time control of processes and settlements, more comprehensive assessment of subcontractors’ quality, reporting feature.

Efficient cooperation

Excellent way of communicating with subcontractors. Allows for saving time of people involved in planning and settling transport within a company, transferring on carriers part of activities related to the settlement of runs.

Full automation of processes

Automated and standardised management of all tasks related to transfer and settlement of orders and mutual communication.


Fulfilling various needs of multiple planners and multiple subcontractors in a single module.

Full compliance

Consideration of all rules, mechanisms, limitations and arrangements in one module. Dedicated to authorized user group.


Increased efficiency and reduced number of bottlenecks through integration with external clients’ and subcontractors’ systems.

Price lists

Central database containing all transport rates. In tenders and contracts simple tariffs with several variables are rare nowadays. Each contractor, vehicle, or relationship may have assigned an individual, multi-criteria price list. Management of such valuable information using this module is extremely simple and automated. It reduces to a minimum the numer of errors associated with manual assignment of rates.

Carrier portal

Automation of communication with performers of transport services, both at the stage related to the selection of carrier as well as the final stage of the process associated with settling for provided services. Reduction of time needed for verification and settlement of invoices.


Automation of the process of selecting suppliers. Selection of service provider is done automatically based on system configuration and interaction of participants in the process. By using a single app, user can automatically plan, coordinate, evaluate and select optimal subcontractors of forwarding services. Automated auctions reflect the current rates for shipping services.

Track & trace

Tracking allows for checking status of an order at any moment. In addition, integration with a map and GPS raises level of the service.

Communication module

Effective communication between company and driver, using GPS and devices as smartphone or tablet.


Subcontractors have the possibility of advising by Webbooking, which may be preceded by mail informing of the need of advising. Benefits for both the operator  and person making reservations, which can be fit into their plans, as well as for a company, which role is limited to establishing the advising rules and supervision.